Maranatha Baptist Church Constitution Adopted 18 September 1996

We the members of the Maranatha Baptist Church of Bolivar, Missouri, hereby adopt the following constitution, which is based upon New Testament principles. This constitution is not a device of human wisdom and government. It is not a substitute for or an augment to the Word of God. It is simply to be a systematic review of the truths found in God's Word concerning His church. Its purpose is to ever keep before this assembly the doctrines, organizations, methods, and the procedures of fellowship and discipleship, as clearly taught in the New Testament. With such a guide we shall, by Gods grace, endeavor to practice Christianity in all of its phases, that we may carry on the Lord's work decently and in order.

Article I: Purpose

The name of this organization shall be: Maranatha Baptist Church - Bolivar, Missouri. It is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Missouri.

Article II: Purpose

Our purpose is to glorify God by conducting a Baptist church in accordance with the Word of God, the articles of faith, the covenant and the constitution of this local church, promoting the worship of our God, edifying believers, teaching the whole counsel of God, administering the ordinances and Biblical discipline, seeking to win the lost to Christ through personal witnessing and the preaching of the Gospel, carrying on a vigorous missionary program around the world, establishing other Baptist churches, defending the faith, and maintaining a good testimony for Christ in our community by godliness and good works.

Article III: Associations

This church shall be an independent, autonomous church, subject only to Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church. It has right to cooperate and associate with other Biblical groups on a voluntary basis. There shall be no cooperation with any group or individual that permits the presence of apostates or apostasy.

Article IV: Articles of Faith

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